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Dry Ice

  • Summary
  • Nitrogen takes up 78% of the atmosphere. It is colorless, tasteless, and odorless non-flammable gas. Its liquid form has boiling point at -196℃. As it is with oxygen, liquid form is separated and produced through cryogenic method and is widely used for non-flammable atmosphere gas. It cryogenic liquid is used for rapid refrigeration and storage of food, deep flashing, and cold crushing.

  • Usage
  • Inert atmosphere gas (in manufacturing processes of steel, metals, semiconductor, electronics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals)
    Inert atmosphere gas for heat treatment of various metals
    Pearl gas in chemical plants, pipes and tanks
    Rapid refrigeration and conservation of foods
    High solvent recovery for deep flashing
    Low-temperature pulverizing of recovery waste
    Raw material of reproductive nitride
    Research for superconductor and genetic engineering

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