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Dry Ice

  • Summary
  • Carbon Dioxide is a chemical compound of Carbon and Oxygen. At room temperature and atmospheric pressure, it is colorless and odorless gas. It is also referred to as Carbonic Anhydride and it is different than the poisonous CO (Carbon Oxide) from a human body. CO2 was introduced by a chemist Van Helmont, who observed that when he burned charcoal in a closed vessel, the mass of the resulting ash was much less than that of the original charcoal.

  • Usage
  • Inert Gas - Foods and Beverages → Food additives for beers and carbonated soda drinks - Industrial → As an Inert gas, refrigerant, fire extinguisher, Tank purge gas, rapid refrigerant, mold release agents in casting industry, antioxidant, sealing for explosives and combustibles, CO2 Gas laser filler. - Agricultural → Plant stimulant, grain storage, reduction of tannin in persimmons (maintain sugar level), cool storage for fruits and vegetables. - Pharmaceutical→ Local anesthetics, insecticides, sterilization gas (E.O and mixed gas), for incubator - As raw chemical material → Production of Urea, Soda Ash - Etc. → Water treatment and waste water treatment-pH control (dye factories, dams and tunnel construction sites), puffing for cigarettes, butchery of livestock (pigs, chickens, sheep, goats and etc.), vaporizer filler (cosmetics, pharmaceutical, pesticides and etc)

    pH Control System

  • Summary
  • CO2 was added to the water treatment agent with high acidity by the Ministry of Environment in June 2004. Like existing products, CO2 as a water treatment agent using strong acidity to neutralize the alkali is already widely used in many developed countries including America and Japan. Amongst various water treatment processes using CO2, direct injecting method to control pH levels by using C02 injector, our patented technology, is drawing strong attention in paper industries and water treatment plants.

  • Benefits of using carbon dioxide as water treatment agent
  • • Simplicity / convenience : Initial investment in cost for facility is affordable and equipment process is easy. Unnecessary to acquire complex facilities to process highly acidic solvents
    • Safety:
    Transportation conditions are great.
    No additional equipment is required since toxic gas emission, poisoning and fire risks that often come with strong acidic solvents are absent.

    • Economic efficiency : Low maintenance costs.
    Maintenance cost is more efficient because the facilities and storage/ handling equipment costs that are required when treating highly acidic solvent.

    Liquid Carbon Dioxide Process

    Raw gas (more than 95%) → intake tank → 1st compression → 1st cooling → 1st water separation → 2nd compression → 2nd cooling → 2nd water separation → mid cooling → final water separation → drying → refining tower → condensation (gas → liquid) → liquid separation (inert gas vent and purity refiner) → storage tank (99.99%) → charging

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