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About Us

  • - To be a general (or an integrated) gas maker who secures absolute advantage and competitiveness
    - To secure suppliers: Contracting with Air Liquide (260tons/day). Resolving imbalance of supply in southern Kyungnam with large demand
    - To broaden new markets: Contracting with new shipbuilders (including Daehan Shipbuilding Co., Daehan Heavy Industry Co. and etc.)
    - To expand line-up: Securing bulk supplying system to demander by increasing in market dominance
    - To grow business areas beyond the carbonic gas market (addition of industrial oxygen, nitrogen, argon and etc.).
    - To attain nation’s best production and storage capability.
    - To secure best suppliers amongst the peers in the industry
    - To retain high purity level of high quality products through refining capacity and facility
    - To hold production facilities of high purity level L-CO2 (Daesan Factory/Purity level 99.999%) → Supplying to semiconductor cleaning company

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