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  • History
  • Management
  • 1970.11.11 Established Daeduk Manufacturing Co. (Capital of 20,000,000 won)
    1992.10.22 Registered in the stock over-the-counter market (# 121)
    1997.08.19 Installation of CEO Young Jo Kim
    1997.09.27 Relocated headquarter (652-12 Deungchon-dong Gangseo-gu Seoul)
    2000.03.10 Renamed as Taekyung Chemical Co., Ltd.
    2001.03.13 Acquired ISO9002 certification
    2002.04 Signed a new long-term contract for the supply of raw carbonic acid gas with Air Liquide
    2002.11.06 Installation of CEO Young Hwan Kim
    2003.01.28 Listed on Korea Stock Exchange
    2003.12.02 Acquired ISO9001 certification
    2005.10 Acquired Dongshin Enertech
    2006.02.20 Installation of CEO Yoon Suk Ko
    2007.11 Launched high purity L-CO2 production facilities in Daesan Factory
    2009.07 Manufacturing and sales of gas carburetor

  • Production Facilities
  • 1971.02.13 Completed Chungju Factory
    1976.03.30 Completed Ulsan Factory
    1983.05 Completed Yeocheon Factory
    1984.12 Completed Naju Factory
    1985.06 Relocated manufacturing facilities in Chungju Factory to Yeocheon Factory
    1989.04 Constructed 1,000 ton tank in Ulsan Factory
    1990.07.20 Completed Onsan Factory
    1991.07 Completed Daesan Factory
    1996.10 Acquired LG Chemical’s liquid carbon dioxide manufacturing facilities in Naju factory
    2002.04 Completed extension of liquid carbon dioxide manufacturing facilities in Yeocheon Factory
    2002.08 Completed extension of Air Liquid liquid carbon dioxide manufacturing facilities in Yeocheon Factory
    2003.07.15 Completed extension of Yeocheon Factory
    2007.12 Completed high purity CO2 facilities in Daesan Factory

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