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  • Greetings from CEO
  • Thank you for your unceasing support and encouragement to Taekyung Chemical Co., Ltd. Taekyung was naturally developed through industry’s increasing demands and progression. Throughout our company’s development, we have contributed to the environment and the growth of national economy through carefully refining and manufacturing CO2, an environmental pollutant often restricted by many regulations throughout the globe to prevent destruction of ozone layers. Currently, we are operating 4 manufacturing Factories equipped by 6 suppliers and independently producing liquid carbon dioxide, dry ice, and other industrial gases. Also, to actively respond to the demands of our customers and the frequently changing industry market, we have renamed ourselves as Taekyung Chemical Co., Ltd., leaving behind the 30 year old name, Daeduk Manufacturing Co. It is an evidence of our dedication and efforts to become a new runner in the environment industry. We, Taekyung, promise to become a company that will exceed your expectations by actively tackling the frequently changing management environment and continuously investing in research to produce the best products that will satisfy your needs. For this purpose, we have acquired several certificates from International Organization for Standardization, including ISO9002(2001.3), ISO9001(2003.12). Our staff will diligently strive for growth and substantiality to become a superior enterprise that benefits not only the society but also our country.
    Thank you.

    Taekyung Chemical Co., Ltd
    CEO / Ko, Yoon Suk

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