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    Since its foundation in 1970, Taekyung Chemical Co., Ltd. has refined liquid carbon dioxide and dedicated its efforts to manufacture industrialized liquid gases and dry ice. Currently, it holds 40% of the country’s share of carbonic acids as the biggest producer of the raw gas supplies.
    Manufacturing factories are each housed in Seosan Chungnam, Yeosu Jeonnam, Naju Jeonnam, and Onsan Ulsan, and a separate repository factory is in Namgu Ulsan. Also, industrial raw gases other than liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice, including liquid ethylene, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and liquid argon are manufactured concurrently.
    In 2003, after successfully being listed on KOSDAQ in 1992, Taekyung went public on the Korea Stock Exchange. Furthermore, it became a proud family member of Songwon Group in 1997 and officially changed its name from Daeduk Manufacturing Co. to Taekyung Chemical Co., Ltd. in 2000 to pursue a superior company image to better fit the 21st century’s industry demands.

  • Business Areas
  • • Manufacturing and sales of liquid carbon dioxide
    • Manufacturing and sales of solid carbon dioxide
    • Manufacturing and wholesale/retail sales of industrial gases
    • Manufacturing and sales of magnesium hydroxide
    • Manufacturing and sales of gas carburetor
    • Productions of basic organic compounds
    • Manufacturing and sales of processing machine tool
    • Re-inspection of special equipment
    • Installation of high pressure gas utilities
    • Trading

  • Business Specifications
  • • Product → Liquid carbon dioxide → welding purpose, food additive, rapid refrigerant
    • Product → Dry ice → food conduction purpose, rapid refrigerant, production props
    • Merchandise → Liquid oxygen → steel, metal refinery, welding, cutting
    • Merchandise → Liquid nitrogen → Oxidation inhibition, inflation, rapid refrigerant
    • Merchandise → Liquid argon → semiconductor mechanical oxidation and nitride prevention purpose
    • Merchandise → Ethylene → chemosynthesis, cutting, plant stimulant

  • Offices and Manufacturing factories
  • Manufacturing factories
    • Daesan Factory → Liquid carbon dioxide, dry ice productions → 399-1 Dokgoht Daesan Seosan Chungnam
    • Yeosu Factory → Liquid carbon dioxide, dry ice productions → 904-7 Joongheung Yeosu Jeonnam
    • Onsan Factory → Liquid carbon dioxide productions → 857 Hwasan Onsan Ulju Ulsan
    • Naju Factory → Liquid carbon dioxide productions → 1 Songwol Naju Jeonnam
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